Welcome to Golden Motherhood. A one stop shop of resources for moms of color looking for helpful tools to navigate the first year of motherhood.

My name is Elan and I am a first time mother to a one-year-old little girl. As a first time mom, Google was my best friend. However, at times I felt overwhelmed with the abundance of information on the internet and sometimes underwhelmed by how little of that information actually catered to moms of color. I was also surprised about how little information was available regarding resources for moms’ mental and physical well being after delivering a baby. As a result, Golden Motherhood was created. It is my hope that this page will serve as a guiding light for mothers of color in all stages of motherhood. Whether you just had your first baby or on baby number three, this page will provide you with resources, tips, and stories to make your life as mom easier.

***Even though this blog exists primarily to highlight topics that affect black mothers we welcome all mothers to this space.***